Use esoteric secrets of the Universe

to transform your life!

Conscious Creatorship Academy will contain dozens of e-courses with hours of videos classes, interviews, and presentations...

... along with hundreds of exercises, e-learning tools and the most dynamic  techniques to help you transform your life in every way.

Get ready to learn how to turn your passion into your job, the secrets to large-scale manifestation, and how to level up beyond your wildest dreams.

Meet Your Instructor

Lead Instructor

Michael Becker

Michael is the creator of New Earth Knowledge, a spiritual awakening education platform. He is also an independant Kangen water distributor, modern spiritual counselor, certified life purpose coach, and esoteric scientist.
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Conscious Creatorship Academy will be the umbrella school for a collection of courses and stand-alone videos, case studies, exercises, and other content specifically designed to empower your awakening, evolution, and abundance.

  • Interviews with healers, content creators, coaches, artists, writers, scientists, and entrepreneurs

  • Presentations covering a wide array of personal development topics from human behavior to mass psychology to consciousness and ascension

  • Stories and real-world examples of how others used the law of attraction and principles of creatorship to manifest their dreams

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